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5 Proven Techniques to Build a Profitable Web Forum
You may have heard that having a web community is a great way to increase sales, customer loyalty and word of mouth for your web business. In fact a web community itself, if large enough and targeting an affluent demographic (or one that advertisers like to target), has the potential to bring in revenue. Commonly people use a web forum as the centre point for a web community. However building a popular forum is no easy task and requires patience and dedication.

6 Frightening Pitfalls of Ready-Made Websites
A question I am asked everyday is "Do I need to have my own website built or can I use a pre-made one? " Good question. Most people who ask this question are looking at shopping malls, affiliate programs, network marketing, or business opportunities to make money whereby the company gives them a website already built with the bells and whistles. My experience has taught me that having your own website built is the right way to go. I know, it costs a little more money but it is well worth it. Let me explain why.

7 Steps To Improve Your Website
Begin by understanding the difference between direct-response websites and brochure websites. Brochure websites have a nice, safe logical layout of information but little, if any, clear calls to action. Direct response websites are geared towards getting visitors to take action.

7 Ways to Stop "Selling" & Start Building Relationships
Sometimes we can all use a friendly reminder to keep us from backsliding into old ways of thinking about selling that lead us down the wrong path with potential clients.

10 Ways to Use Google Alerts for Business and Social Media: (Plus Tips to Improve Search Results)
One of the most useful services released by Google in recent years is its powerful Google Alerts ( This free tool allows you to receive e-mail notifications when keywords and phrases that you specify appear on websites, blogs, online news channels and more.

Anatomy Of An Article Submission
Writing and submitting articles to publishers in order to promote your business, services and products is a wise choice for any entrepreneur. The only cost for this kind of marketing project is your time and, if you want the maximum benefits, the amount you pay your proofreader/editor.

Article Writing Secrets & Strategies - 5 Ways to Never Run Out of Stuff to Say in Your Articles
Do you ever find yourself staring at a blank screen or a blank sheet of paper when you’re supposed to be writing articles for your blog, for your ezine or newsletter and for article submission so you can promote your books, products or services?

Become a Storyteller Not an Advertiser and Watch Your Traffic Increase
When you read the newspaper, do you read advertisements as closely as you read news stories? Do you believe advertising as readily as you believe news stories? I don’t and neither do most people I know.

Bookings are the lifeline of your business
Bookings are the lifeline of your business because they provide immediate income, future bookings, and lead to new team members. Following are four simple ways to increase the number of bookings you receive at every show.

Consistency Builds Trust
You know your prospects need what you sell. You know they want what you sell. Heck, you know that they even sent away for information on your service and requested a quote.

Cross Promoting: Make Friends with Your Competitors
My competitors are my best promoters—and some of my best friends. I was running a big promotion for one of my books, Outwitting Writer’s Block and Other Problems of the Pen, and I needed a way to hit my target market.  I run a major online magazine for writers (, and although I was friendly with several of the other editors of writers’ sites, I felt a little uncomfortable writing to them to ask if they’d help me announce the promotion.

Effective Marketing For The Webmaster (Free Advertising Methods)
Throughout my experience in Marketing, I have found that simply placing ads in free classified sites, FFA (free for all), and participating in safelists does not work anymore. It used to, but that is not the case any longer. I also have found out that you do not have to pay for any advertising for it to be effective.

Forum Marketing-5 Posts A Day Can Really Pay Off
Have you ever approached discussion forums from a marketing point of view? Did you know that making as few as 5 posts per day can make a huge difference in your Internet business?

Free Promotion: Signature Advertising
Signature advertising has proven to be an excellent (free) advertising source for online marketers today.

Getting Leads in Network Marketing - the Fishpond Activity
This is generally known as fishpond activity ie the more rods you have in the pond, the more fish you will catch.

Growing Your List
So, you're ready to launch your own newsletter. You've heard that a newsletter (or ezine) is a great way to stay in touch with site
visitors and to develop an opt-in list of your own to promote your
products and services.

Hooking Up on the Internet
No, I’m not talking about THAT kind of hooking up…this is a business article, for goodness sakes! I’m talking about building mutually beneficial relationships with other online business owners. That’s the kind of hooking up that will propel your business to long-term success.

How Joint Venture Marketing Increases Consumer Confidence
While a brick and mortar store can create an environment that attracts customers quite easily, it is not so simple to provide the same type of environment in a virtual store. One way to build this consumer confidence is through joint venture marketing, where you can capitalize on the reputation and popularity of a more established business as you are building your own.

How to Build Your Client Base
Virtually every entrepreneur can relate to the challenge of getting your first paying client, myself included. We each start a business with acquired skills, carefully honed talents and impassioned enthusiasm for what we have to offer. Unfortunately, we also start with a lack of references or a proven track record of business success, which is an ever-increasing requirement of potential new clients. So the proverbial Catch 22 prevails: You can’t offer references if you don’t have clients; and you can’t get new clients without references.

How to Write Articles that Catches Customer's Attention
There is no way to truly stress the importance of article
marketing for your online business. As much as it may be
encouraged, many people overlook the possibility of not only increasing their customer base, but increasing their
credibility as well. More website owners are learning just
how important article marketing is to drive new clients and new business.

Low Cost Promotion Tips to Jump Start your Business
OK…so you’ve taken that first step and decided on a lucrative home business that fulfills a passion, fits your lifestyle and schedule.  But now what do you do? How do you promote yourself and get your business off the ground?  Whether leaving the corporate 40 hr week (which often times turns into a 50-60 hr week), or are looking to earn extra money from home, a home business offers rewards as well as challenges – namely making yourself known to potential clients and customers.   

I spoke to a friend today about my freelance business. She is looking for a way to gain income without losing her sanity. I told her that I felt I was doing well, my business was growing and I was continuing to find new clients. 'How are you marketing your business', she wanted to know. Well, I replied, mostly through trial and error!

Offline Website Marketing and Promotion
Be sure to include your web address on these suggested locations. Get creative! Any place your web address can be made visible to the public will mean increased traffic to YOUR site!

Promote or Die
"Whew! Thank heavens THAT's finally done", you contentedly
think to yourself as you sit back in your chair after checking
the final link in the brand new website you've been laboring over
day and night for the past three months and have just uploaded
to your webhost's server. "Now I can relax."

Promote Your MLM In Forums Like A World Class Pro
Do you want to promote your network marketing opportunity? One of the best free ways to do so is via forum marketing. If used properly, online forums can be a very effective tool to promote and advance your business. If you are short on advertising dollars, leveraging forums to promote your business or services is a very good idea.

Promote Yourself
When I first began my freelance adventure, I admit I was rather naive. I knew I had the skills and the drive to complete even the most difficult tasks; the task at hand was to locate the opportunities and cash my checks. I forgot that thousands (if not millions...) of people were sitting at home, dreaming of the jobs they would locate and the checks they would cash.

Promoting with Cards
New Internet tool provides an automatic system to help develop personal relationships and create more business.

Promotion Techniques
So you've done it! You've poured your heart and soul into the perfect design, the perfect concept, THE perfect website. Don't stop there.

Secrets of Writing a Business Website Homepage
Think you know how to write a business website homepage? Read this article to make sure.

Simple Sales Strategy: What To Say When Asked For A Discount
Has anyone ever said to you, "Your price is too high and I'd like a discount." In this article I outline two approaches for responding to this comment. One of the approaches even has the potential for you to make a bigger sale than you originally anticipated. Curious?

Ten ways to Sharpen your Business Edge
When running a small business it is very important to lay out a plan of where your business is, what would you like to bring to the world through your business, where you want to take it and plan the best way to get there.

The Importance Of Forum Participation In Promoting An Internet Business
Many internet business owners are really lost when doing anything with regards to their Internet business and this is sometimes because people try to do it alone without any external help. Contrary to the notion that the internet is an unfriendly place, many online marketing forums and internet business forums are filled with very nice people that help each other out. This sometimes can be seen in some people offering free software and advice to other people on the forums. This article lists three compelling reasons why you should be participating in forums when promoting any internet business.

Understanding the Difference Between Marketing and Promotion
Are you an online marketer? Or do you simply promote affiliate
programs? Marketing is truly the most misunderstood word in use
today on the Internet. Let me see if I can clarify this issue
just a bit.

What Does Your Website Say About You?
I have gotten into trouble a couple times lately for offering advice about websites without invitation. I told one gal that I know my bluntness is a character flaw and I was sorry. I am sorry, uninvited advice is obnoxious. At the same time, I just don't believe in wearing rose colored glasses and I won't help someone else wear them either.


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