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Jane Deuber is an expert in Direct Selling and gives some valuable advice here on increasing your bookings.

Bookings are the lifeline of your business
By, Jane Deuber

Bookings are the lifeline of your business because they provide immediate income, future bookings, and lead to new team members. Following are four simple ways to increase the number of bookings you receive at every show.

Ask Every Guest
Without a doubt, the most successful Direct Sellers ASK EVERY GUEST "when" (not if) they would like to hold a show/party of their own. The more people you ask, the better at it you get, and the more bookings you will receive. In addition, when you ask every guest to hold a show, you are increasing the chances for the current hostess to receive more credit.

Get Your Hostess Involved
Your Hostess is the key to receiving numerous bookings from every show. Ask your hostess to:
1. Have at least one booking before her show
2. Ask friends and relatives who cannot attend to hold a show of their own
3. Let you know which guests are most likely to book a show
4. Play at least one booking game at every show
5. Re-book your hostess for another show within 90 days.

Control Your Schedule
When scheduling shows, use only the current month calendar. If you present a future hostess with an entire year, chances are they will flip ahead to the next month to select their date.
Highlight in a special color "Key Dates" on which you would like to book your next shows and offer an extra incentive for selecting the next open date.
Expand your "income-earning hours" by offering creative daytime alternatives for shows, for example: Office Lunch-hour Shows, Five O'clock Happy Hours, Start-the Day Shows, and Sunday Brunch Shows.

Reduce Cancellations
Do not schedule shows more than 30 days in advance and always fill your booking schedule for next week before moving to the following week.
Release the "obligation" when someone has booked a show only to help the hostess. "Ellen, I know you booked your show to help our hostess Carol, but I want you to have this show because you want it. Which items are you most excited about receiving FREE with your hostess credit. (Bring them to her.) Great Ellen. Let's set a goal for you to receive all these products FREE by having a really successful show. Can I count on you?"
Secure the booking "Ellen, I am so excited to hold a show with you. You and your guests will have so much fun! Because this is my business and I always keep my schedule full, I would appreciate holding your show on this date I have reserved for you. I promise I'll be there come rain or shine. Can I count on you to do the same? Great!

Jane Deuber is a Co-Founder of the DSWA and a highly rated industry trainer who is known for her innovative, down to earth training style that inspires distributors into action.
Article provided by the Direct Selling Women's Association Copyright 2002


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