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Affiliate Programs - What are they?

One of the most popular ways to earn a living working from home is by joining affiliate programs. It's a very feasible way to earn a living with little investment - aside from your time.

An affiliate program is a reseller program that companies implement in order to reach a wider customer base then they typically can on their own.

The engage affiliates to sell their products or services for them through internet marketing.

As an affiliate you make no investment in product. You never even touch the product. All that you do is promote the product website. The company will give you a special id that is embedded in a link. You will use this link when you are promoting the company or product. That link is a tracking number so that when someone makes a purchase on the site after coming through your link, you will be credited.

Affiliate programs have a wide spectrum of payment structures. Don't waste your time with programs that aren't generous. Find programs that relate to the content you already present, or want to present on your website.

Some of the best places to find affilate programs are:

Commission Junction - What most affiliates LOVE about Commission Junction (CJ) is that any commissions an affiliate makes from various companies are added together. When your account reaches a minimum of $25, you can get a check.

Of course, CJ also attracts some HUGE companies (eBay, Quicken, Staples and more!) that have such excellent branding with their names, it's virtually no work for the affiliate to make a sale. If you only sign up with one network, we strongly suggest it be this one.

Linkshare - Linkshare is our next favorite affiliate network. They attract quality merchants and run a professional and well organized website. The only drawback is that commission payments are not added together, so you may go many months before qualifying for a payment from some merchants. Still, it's not a network to pass up.

Find out more information at AssociateHub.

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