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Business Opportunities abound on the Internet. There are plenty of legitimate opportunities out there, but you have to really research a company before you decide that it is for you.

Many people are so eager to work from home that they make hasty decisions when they join an opportunity and later they find out that it was NOT for them after all. Most the time, you have to enjoy selling. If you don't enjoy selling, the majority of business opportunities won't be for you. You also have to enjoy networking, marketing and learning curves.

If you aren't prepared to expand a business beyond your immediate friends and relatives -- I strongly advise you to find another way to make money from home. But, if you are business savvy, have a lot of energy, like to socialize and are GOOD at selling (even if you don't directly sell a product, you'll end up selling an opportunity) then this may be your niche.

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*Please note: Inclusion in the biz op section does not necessarily imply that FreelanceMom endorses certain products or business opportunities. Although we do our best to include only ads that are beneficial to our visitors - you must do your own evaluation and research.

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