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Affiliate Program Marketing

One of the most popular ways to earn money on the Internet is through Affiliate programs. Known as 'Affiliate or Associate Marketing'. Basically, Affiliate Marketing is marketing other businesses products or services for them. You get a percentage of the sales you make.

Affiliate programs are also an excellent way for webmasters to profit from un-used advertising space on their sites.

The best guide to Affiliate Marketing we have found is the ebook, Associate Program Marketing Handbook written by Marlon Sanders.

The ebook covers the basics of Affiliate Marketing and explores 23 ways to promote your affiliate programs such as the customization of 404 error pages, purchasing affordable and legal website traffic, tracking methods, surveys, creating and selling your own products and more.

Visit for more information on Affiliate Programs.
More information on Affiliate Programs.

Internet Marketing

Reciprocal Links

I think it is important not to always view competition as competiton. Often times you can 'partner' with these businesses. On the web this is often done in the form of reciprocal links.

Reciprocal links can be a fabulous way to boost your traffic AND your ratings in search engine results. To keep the integrity of your site however - you really should make sure that the links relate to your site content and that they add value to your site. If it isn't a site you would want to visit, why would you send your own site visitors there?

Also - try to stay away from the 'banner ad' type of site. Your link page should be set up attractively and it should be easy to navigate and add value to your site.

Search Engines and Directories

Submitting your site to search engines and directories is a crucial component to your promotional efforts. There are hundreds of places where you can submit your site. Before submitting to any search engines, you are going to want to include meta tags in your site. A lot of webmasters overlook this and their success suffers.

Meta tags are insertions in your HTML (the programming language your website is written in) that include things like your site title, description and key words. When you submit to search engines - they send what is known as a 'spider' to your site. The spider reads the HTML coding on your site and the first thing the majority of spiders look for are these meta tags.

We will be exploring and keeping current on all of the latest search engine tactic in our article section and in our newsletter. If this is a subject that interests you, sign up!


Writing articles is a terrific way to get FREE advertising. Consider writing an article for websites and newsletters that are related to your own business. Often times webmasters will include your articles and be greatful for fresh quality content that they can offer to their visitors. In exchange you get a link back to your site and a small plug about your business.

This is a terrific opportunity to put forward your best foot. Don't be afraid to offer your knowledge and expertise for free in this way. It will gain you respect and traffic - both of which you need to gain a client or customer.

Here is a list of websites that accept article submissions.

Banner Ads

There are zillions of places to place paid ads. Do your homework. Find sites that have a lot of quality traffic, make sure the traffic is your audience. Budget a monthly amount that you will put toward advertising. Keep accurate stats on how well your ad did.

You will need to have some banner ads created for you. Make them attractive and easy to read. Appeal to the audience you want to capture and give them an incentive to click through to your site.

Print Ads

Don't neglect them. Research magazines that relate to your audience and place an ad. Try to implement a way to keep track of the ads success. Survey your customers and find out how they discovered you.

This is just a brief overview on your business promotion - we will explore this subject in depth on the site and in our newsletter. If you need advice or have advice to share - join the forums


For more articles and advice on promoting your website visit our articles section.


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