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It's common understanding that balancing a career and family is difficult. Yet, as a work at home Mom, many of us don't expect the same challenge. Well, it's not easy!

Here are some terrific articles that will help inspire you to work out your own time management schedule, to remember to schedule time for yourself and the family, and to take the work at home 'grind' lightly!

After all, there truly are some genuine benefits to working from home. It would be a shame to lose sight of them! Enjoy the articles!

3 Types of Time:  A Chat Between Friends
Okay, so how can you make the most of those three types of time?

5 Great Tips on Becoming a Successful WAHM
A work at home mom (WAHM) is an entrepreneur who works from home and integrates parenting into her business activities.

6 Tips for Balancing Entrepreneurship and Family
Meeting deadlines, caring for children, spending time with your spouse, keeping up with laundry—it’s certainly a full plate. In fact, sometimes you may feel like you’re spinning multiple plates while desperately trying to prevent any of them from hitting the ground. Despite this challenging balancing act, most parents who work from home love it. They enjoy being able to devote more time to their families, not having a daily commute, and being their own boss.

A Minute Can Turn into Hours for the Child of a Work-at-Home Mom
In theory, working at home is an ideal situation. But in reality, it's difficult to balance the needs of your family with the needs of your clients.

Balancing Home & Work: The Challenge of the Home-Based Business
With the holidays around the corner, you may find yourself struggling to keep your home-based business and your home life separate and running smoothly. And you're not alone.

Calm the Overwhelm
You walk into a room and look around. Wow, there's a lot to do. You don't know where to begin. You feel an ache in your stomach. It's hopeless. You walk out of the room. You're disgusted with yourself and the situation.

Can't you see I'm working?
For many working parents, telecommuting or a home business may seem like the answer to your prayers. You want to have more time with your kids and greater flexibility, so you take the leap, install a second phone line, and set up a computer in the dining room.

Cereal Mom
I recently heard a woman say that being called a "work at home mom" was professionally demeaning. Being one myself, my initial reaction was to agree with her. "That's right, I'm a professional, I'm not just a bored housewife dabbling with a hobby here," I said to myself.

Communication Mistakes Parents Often Make - And Easy Ways To Correct Them
As parents, we love our children and want to do the best for them. At times, however, the pressures of living every day create stress and distractions for all of us. We can easily fall into communication habits that are not effective, especially when we need to discipline our children or teenagers, or to talk with them about sensitive issues.

Counter-Intuitive Time Management Techniques to Tame Your Never-Ending To Do List
The absolute BIGGEST challenge that entrepreneurs, artists, authors and other creative geniuses that come to me for help is productivity.  Some know they need help with time management techniques. Others are struggling but they haven’t discovered that poor time management is the source of their frustration.

How To Create Freedom in Your Business and Life Time management tips
Let's face it it's down right exhausting trying to hold it
all together. Pretending like you've got it going on when
the reality is, you could fall apart at any time. Dressing
the part, acting the part, even preparing for the part can
be a job in and of itself.

How to Get More Things Done With Ease and Elegance
Feeling like you've got tons to do yet not sure how you can
do it all?

I Work from Home to be With My Kids… But Work Keeps Getting in the Way!
How can we bring in the extra income that our family needs, yet still be a full-time Mommy?

Kick Your Own Butt!
If you’re one of those freelancers sitting comfy on the cushion of plenty of clients… you might be familiar with the reality of procrastination. The easy and sure route to LOSING those clients.

Managing the Time You Haven't Got
Do the words "time management" rub you the wrong way? For many busy professionals, the real problem seems to be that there isn't any time left to manage. You can sometimes get better at managing your time by prioritizing all your tasks and scheduling carefully. But when you're already using all the time you have efficiently and there's still not enough, there are four strategies you can try.

Owning Your Own Home Biz: Bliss or Blunder?
There are some many wonderful aspects of owning your own home-based business. Like being there for your kids, a sense of fulfillment, the income, the income tax savings, the hours, the boss... I mean, what is there to complain about, right?

Staying Sane Survival Tips for Small Business Owners
Your lunchtime thoughts are comprised of brilliant marketing strategies and anxiety over bill payments. You're the CEO, human resources director, janitor, and administrative assistant all wrapped up into one. You open the doors at dawn and lockup when it's time to wrap up for the day.

Superwoman Has Left the Building!
I recently had a major meltdown. Not quite a land you in the hospital meltdown, but more like permanent PMS, entire family needs to walk on eggshells or I'm leaving meltdown.

Ten Tips For Managing A Home Based Business
Time is money, especially for a home based business. A data
entry operator in a cubicle can slack off, play a game on their
cell phone, and chat for an hour at the water cooler. The home
based business owner does not share this luxury. Every minute
they are not actively generating income, is a minute they are
not earning money. No one will deposit a check into their
account once a week, whether they earned every penny of it, or

The Art of Multi-tasking, HBWM Style
Working from home has some terrific benefits, but, unfortunately, some downsides as well. One disadvantage is that mom is still in the house and when the kids really need something they will track you down, sometimes at the most inopportune times. What to do? Hang up on the client? No. Push the kids out of the room and lock the door? Probably not. After all, the reason we are a WAHM is because we wanted it all, motherhood and our career all happening at the same time in the same place. There are solutions.

The Busy Mom: Is it Your Choice?
Let's face it. We live in a fast paced world. As moms, it is hard to keep up with everything on our plates. We have piles of laundry, piles of dishes, and piles of school papers. Along with the many errands we have to run, we also play chauffer for our children. It may be martial arts on Monday, soccer practice on Tuesday and music lessons on Wednesday. Weekends may be even worse with baseball games, gymnastics meets or ballet lessons. And it doesn't end there. Many of us also try to squeeze in time to volunteer at school and church because we know they need help.

The Struggle
I want to emphasize that a freelance professional is essentially working for him or herself. While that can be a wonderful opportunity and a life-altering event, it can come with a fair amount of stress.

Time Management Skills
As a Life Coach, and after coaching many different clients, I
have come to realize that to effectively manage time, we need to
first realize that time itself cannot be managed! We all get
seven days a week and 168 hours within those seven days. This
cannot be increased or changed in any way. However, what we can change, improve and manage is ourselves. In essence then, true time management now becomes management of ourselves – "self management!"

Time Management Tips for Home Business Owners: How to Make More Money with Less Time & Energy
Many people equate hard work with success.They mistakenly believe if they work harder, they'll eventually get everything they want in life. That's only a myth. In fact, there's absolutely NO correlation between how hard you work and how much money you put into your bank account.

Time Management Training: Organize Your Time With The Building Blocks of Productivity
What lessons you can learn from small children! One day I was watching two youngsters, ages 3 and 5, playing with “bricks” constructed out of heavy cardboard. The brick blocks came in three sizes: a 10” x 16” rectangle, a 10” square, and the standard 3” x 10” brick size. Over time they spent hours creating structures. At the beginning there was no understanding of larger pieces providing a stronger foundation for the smaller pieces and so things would come tumbling down without using all of the bricks. With lots of trial and error the children discovered that if they started with the biggest size, they were more likely to be able to use all of the bricks.

Tips for Working at Home with a Small Child
Working at home presents many challenges but is especially tough when you have a little one vying for your attention. To some this is a contest of wills in itself where to others it is a perk. Oftentimes it is both.

Treasuring Your Home-Based Business Dreams
I recently finished reading the book "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff... And It's All Small Stuff" by Richard Carlson, Phd. His last two words in the book really struck me: "Treasure Yourself"

When Your Office is Home
It's easy to get obsessed.  Really, it is.  With work, with the almighty dollar, with achieving and building your business.

Work at Home Moms and Time Management Time management tips
To outsiders it may seem that work at home moms have it easy.
Nothing could be further from the truth. There is so much to
do in so little time that responsibilities can easily
interfere with one another. Balancing business deals and
family affairs can be tough.

Work At Home Time Management
Are you finding lack of time for your online business becoming more and more evident?

You're Taking Care of Business...But Who is taking Care of YOU?
Running a home based business can be tough. For one thing, your work is always "there". As you walk by your home office or computer station, you start to think about all that you need to get done.

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