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Five Great Telecommuting Jobs

As you explore the landscape of great telecommuting jobs, you may be pleasantly surprised at the sheer depth and variety of job opportunities actually available. It’s true that a growing number of employers are seeing both the short and long-term value in hiring telecommuting and remote workers.  If you’re starting from scratch, this gives you many choices as a job seeker, and you may wonder “what are the best telecommuting jobs?” Here is a review of five top choices in telecommuting work today, in terms of growth and opportunities.

Education Telecommuting Jobs

Many educational institutions have adapted from the traditional on-site education model to offer online learning programs to attract more students and adult learners and maintain enrollment levels. As a result, the educational market has exploded with education telecommuting jobs! Education jobs that are offered remotely include enrollment specialists who recruit new students, advisors who provide guidance to students, and adjunct instructors who manage and teach virtual classes. In addition, there have been a number of schools that have begun offering programs online so there is also a need for teachers, tutors, test graders and web designers to provide quality, fun and interactive learning for younger students.

Writing Telecommuting Jobs

One of the hottest careers today thanks to the surge in companies going online is freelance writing. There are many companies that are trying to cut costs by eliminating in-house editorial teams and outsourcing content work to skilled writers who work from their homes absorbing overhead costs. In addition, as new technology is developed, the need for technical, medical and scientific writers is increasing, providing an abundance of work at home jobs as a result in this field. Of course, there are also writing related jobs available such as proofreading and editing work with many companies.

Medical Telecommuting Jobs

Another higher than average growth industry is the health care and medical field.  Medical and Health telecommuting jobs are widely available across the country.  Many health care careers formerly managed in hospitals are now being performed by home based professionals in nursing, medical transcription, medical billing and coding roles. There are even remote physicians now that are providing consulting services from one country to another!

Sales Telecommuting Jobs

Self-motivated, outgoing job-seekers who are interested in sales (and the often higher than average earnings sales jobs earned by successful salespersons) should check out all the great work from home opportunities in sales. The value of sales and marketing is spread across all industries therefore the availability of jobs is very high. With a wide range of employment opportunities, sales is a career that provides entry level to professional level advancement. People who love to help others find solutions to their business and personal needs will find many home based jobs that emphasize excellent customer service, responsiveness and results oriented performance.

Bilingual Telecommuting Jobs

The business world has gone global which means there is a big need for people who can speak more than one language to bridge communications and cultural gaps between nations. If you are looking for a great flexible job that allows you to work from your home office, consider one of many bilingual or interpreter jobs available with international corporations who value this ability. Language jobs are widely available to people all over the world who enjoy speaking with others via telephone or web enabled conferences and meetings.


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