How to Create Annual Goals (That Will Kick Your Business Into High Gear)

Talking about goals around the new year is always tricky business. Every publication from Cosmo to Forbes to Good Housekeeping is already happy to help you set up New Year’s “resolutions.” You know, those things you tell yourself you’re going… [Read More]

Holiday Giveaway – Two Free Hours of Virtual Assistant Services

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Can’t Close for the Summer? How to Stay Sane, Productive, and Still Have Family Time

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How to Save 80% of Your Client Set-up Time with Personalized Fill-in-the-blank Forms

When I worked in Learning at IBM, learning metrics from the curriculum we designed was a big deal, as you can imagine.  Everything had to be 100% perfect all the time, and we had a template for everything. But that… [Read More]

Can Your Business Run Smoothly When You’re on Summer Break?

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Free WordPress Education, Website Revenue Tracking and More..

First let me just say how grateful I am for your support of  If there is anything you would like for me to cover, please put in the comments below. Now, on to what I have for you. As… [Read More]

WordPress Themes – Save Money, Time and Hassle

Thanks to WordPress, nearly anybody can have a professional-looking website up in a few days, maybe even a few hours. Whether it’s a blog, an ecommerce website, a portfolio of work, or a digital publication, DIY websites are the hottest… [Read More]