Case Studies


Stop me if this sounds familiar:

You’re feeling stuck lately. Business is good, but in order for it to be great you need to invent a time machine, or discover an extra two days a week, or maybe even clone yourself. You’re stretched almost to the breaking point trying to juggle business and family, and you’re secretly starting to wonder if all the time and energy you’re putting in is worth it.

Well, you’re not alone.

There’s tons of advice on the internet about how to run and grow a successful freelance business, but most of it is too generic and too hypothetical to be of much use. What’s truly helpful is specific, actionable advice that’s applicable to your unique business.

Personal mentoring may not be in everyone’s budget – that’s why I’m trying something a bit different.

I’ve asked real mom business owners to open up their businesses to the community:

Brianna Brianna Scott of
Creare Marketing
Tatiana Tatiana Chemistov of

They all agreed to share their goals and challenges through a series of mentoring calls with me, and with experts who helped them with specific challenges.

Rather than generic advice, you’ll get a chance to see experts in action with Brianna and Tatiana, in a way that takes the theoretical and applies it to the workings of an actual business. And here’s where it gets good.

As we go along in this case study, you’ll not only see how Brianna, Tatiana and Heather meets their challenges, but you’ll also get a series of thought-provoking questions and specific, actionable homework to help you apply this expert advice to your own business.

In a way, you’re getting all the benefits of a private mentoring session, at none of the cost.

How to make the most of these case studies

Building your business is hard work! If you’re serious about success, really take the time to watch these videos and complete the homework. Think about how the lessons Brianna and Tatiana are learning can be translated into your own business.

For each case study:

  • Watch the introduction video
  • Complete the homework
  • Come back to watch the next two expert videos, and complete the homework with those
  • Finally, check in to learn what the business owner’s results were, and share your own results in the comments

Get started today!