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10903252_376939252486238_1545134675_nTatiana and Peter Chemisov have always wanted to start their own business, so when Peter’s job relocated while Tatiana was home with their first daughter, starting the website seemed like a natural step. Fueled by word of mouth and organic search engine traffic, their adorable site grew quickly – but new Google algorithms caused them to take a hit.

Now, Tatiana and Peter are trying to reclaim their page rank and market share, while carving out time to spend with their two daughters.

For many freelance moms with online businesses, getting word out to customers can be overwhelming. The e-commerce world of SEO, online sales funnels, and social media marketing can be tricky to navigate, so I connected Tatiana with two experts – Rand Fishkin of Moz and Sabrina Parsons of Palo Alto Software – to talk about how can reach its potential.

Tatiana and Peter’s challenges to grow and market their business is one that any mom with an online business can relate to. As we go along in this case study, you’ll not only see how Tatiana and Peter meets their challenges, but you’ll also get a series of thought-provoking questions and specific, actionable homework to help you apply this expert advice to your own business.

Come meet Tatiana and Peter, and learn how you can help people find your own brand online.

 Meet Tatiana and Peter

About 6 months after Tatiana left the workforce to stay home with their first daughter, Julia, Peter’s job informed him that the company was relocating. Since the Chemisovs had always talked about starting a business together, they took this as their opportunity.

As a new mom, Tatiana was already shopping at online childrens’ boutiques, and saw a need in the market to house favorite brands under one roof. Since the beginning of the company, has been evolving – from focusing on babies to catering all the way through size 14, eventually dropping their boys’ clothes, adding layaway payment plans, and otherwise refining their brand.

Tatiana and Peter upped their game by adding premium brands, focusing on professional photography, and creating a top-notch website that reflects their brand’s feel. They were at the top of the search engines.

Then they were penalized by Google, and saw their organic site traffic plummet.

In our introductory call (which you can watch above), Tatiana and Peter have already identified their biggest goals:

  • fine-tune their SEO to regain the market share they had before Google changed its algorithms;
  • and grow their brand through organic search engine marketing.

I then identified two experts who could help Tatiana and Peter do just that: Rand Fishkin, the co-founder of Moz, and Sabrina Parsons, CEO of Palo Alto Software. You’ll find links to those videos – packed with tons of valuable information – below.

 What’s included in Tatiana’s case study:

  • An introductory call with Tatiana and Peter (above), where we talk through the challenges they’re facing in their business: navigating the confusing world of SEO and online marketing in order to make concrete, effective changes.
    What you’ll learn: In order to be a successful online entrepreneur, you need to constantly be evolving your business.
  • Two expert calls
    • RandTatiana and
      Rand call

      First Tatiana talks with SEO wizard Rand Fishkin, who helps Tatiana identify ways she can improve her SEO and content marketing to drive traffic to

      What you’ll learn: How to work with Google’s algorithms, the difference between good SEO and bad SEO, and where to prioritize.
    • SabrinaTatiana and
      Sabrina call

      Then, Sabrina Parsons gives Tatiana the rundown on effective online marketing, e-commerce sales funnels, and A/B testing of her website.

      What you’ll learn: Tips and tricks for building a website and marketing campaigns that are optimized to convert browsers into paying customers.
  • A final check-in call, where Tatiana shares how she’s applied all these lessons to her business – and what the results have been.
  • Insightful homework questions for each call to help you apply these lessons to your own business.

Your Homework:

Download this worksheet to help you out.

As you watch this video, be thinking about your own business. Keep a notebook handy, and jot down anything that comes to mind – challenges you face, things you love, a point you resonate with, or even a new marketing strategy.

Now, do some journaling. (If you prefer thinking out loud, grab your phone and leave yourself a voice memo, or take a friend out to coffee and record your conversation.)

Write about how your business has evolved since you started it. Do you feel like you’re close to where you want to be? Can you see another evolution in your future?

Now think about how you’ve been marketing your business. Where do you spend your marketing energy and dollars? Where do most of your customers come from? Are you doing any online marketing or SEO already? How has that been working?

Do this before watching the next two videos, and you’ll be amazed how much more valuable they’ll be to you.

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