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This business will exist as long as we can be of real value to one woman, one mom at a time.

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Here’s How We Help in Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Choosing to do what you love takes bravery, inspiration and insight.

FreelanceMom.com focuses on helping women and moms in two fundamental areas:

  • Close information gaps
  • Provide access to other women running a business successfully

Our big purpose at FreelanceMom is:

To merge women and information together to transfer knowledge, inspiration, wisdom and actionable solutions so you can find the work you love through entrepreneurship.

We provide you with:

  • “Ask an Expert” – We meet with experts on specific topics relevant and timely to your business.  The experts we talk to are people who have actually studied and researched the topic and have no other motivation but to solve problems and their own curiosities.
  • “Women Entrepreneurs Hustling From the Heart” Case studies and Mentoring – We interview women and mom entrepreneurs who have reached success through all kinds of interesting paths and who mean business. We get their insights on starting and running a business so you can have a head start on yours. Here, you get an opportunity to hear their inner thoughts and get advice on lessons learned, challenges they faced and systems they use to start and run their business.
  • Actionable and Relevant Content – our website is full of rich content and resources on all topics relevant to running and starting a business, all while raising your little ones.

We want to help support you to build the expertise you are looking for and make even more informed decisions.

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About Lisa Stein

Hi!  I live in Texas and am a mother of two drama queens, wife of an engineer turned entrepreneur, business professor and owner of FreelanceMom.com.

My Journey Into Entrepreneurship Has Been a Slow One

Partly because it took me a while to decide that I didn’t want to work for someone else and what I really wanted to do was feed my entrepreneurial soul.  I left my corporate job of ten years to finish my MBA and realized I didn’t want to go back to my cubicle, 9 to 5 life.

Soon after leaving IBM,  I became a college professor and then became a mom.

After becoming a parent, my outlook on my life, my identity and the way I spent my time completely changed, which I’m sure some of you can relate.

Mom to Mom Business Owner

After my daughter was born, I became consumed with the topic of entrepreneurship and motherhood and the idea that there is a pathway for every woman and, more specifically, every mom to have the flexibility to do what they love and stay fulfilled while raising a family.

I have spent countless hours and money on attempting to learn on every topic related to business, leadership, mentoring, marketing and management, whether through classes, coaching or mentoring.

I have gained a lot of knowledge along the way and have learned much from trial and error and making some wrong turns.

Reflecting back, I realized that there are much more EFFICIENT ways to create work you love and work for yourself.

I don’t want your journey into entrepreneurship to be slow and expensive like mine.

I decided that FreelanceMom.com could be a powerful platform to provide insights, mentoring and expert advice for women and moms who want to be their own boss and run a business they love.

Here’s the Bottom Line:  There is a BETTER WAY.

By having access to inspiring people, experts and information, you can get closer to creating the work and life you want.

We have been fortunate to be mentioned and featured in US News and World Report, Spark and Hustle, CNN Money, FOX business and She Knows to name a few .

Professional Background

Before FreelanceMom, I worked at IBM for 10 years (yes that is how long it took me to finally leave).

While at IBM, I worked in Learning, where I helped develop their global mentoring program and coached, developed and trained employees.

Before training, I worked as a Sales Executive for IBM.

A few days a week you can also find me teaching business classes at a local college.

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