Heather Holtschlag Case Study


Heather-HoltschlagHeather Holtschlag loves being a mom, but after over twenty years doing PR and marketing for health and fitness companies, she found it hard to leave work behind. That’s why she’s launched a freelance marketing consultant business, taking on clients around caring for her two young sons.

As a solopreneur and mom, she knows how tough it is to get everything done at home and at work, but she’s ready to take on the challenge.

Like many freelance moms, Heather’s been struggling to find the time and motivation. She knows it’ll be a hard journey and is committed to trying, but there are many days when she considers throwing in the towel and just waiting until the timing is better – like when her kids are in school.

Can you relate? I know I certainly can.

I connected Heather with Jaime Tardy, an amazing business coach and owner of Eventual Millionaire, to help Heather focus on defining her ideal client, attracting those clients, and scaling her business without becoming overwhelmed.

As you watch the videos in this case study, you’ll not only learn how Heather meets her business challenges, but you’ll also get a series of thought-provoking questions and specific, actionable homework to help you apply this expert advice to your own business.

Come meet Heather and learn how to build a sustainable, profitable business – without burning out.

Meet Heather

When Heather left her job in marketing and PR to raise her two sons, she knew she eventually wanted to get back to work – but on her own terms. Her husband owns his own business, and Heather wants to have the flexibility of her own work schedule to deal with emergencies and such once the boys start school full time.

The obvious solution was to leverage her work experience to start a freelance business.

Right now she works around the kids’ schedules – about 15-20 hours a week – but she hopes to scale that into full time when the boys go to school.

So far, Heather hasn’t been attracting the types of clients that she really wants to. She and her husband were working together on a business plan for her when she heard about the opportunity for a mentoring call with me.

It seemed like just the thing she needed to hone her business’s focus and get on track.

In this introductory call (which you can watch above), Heather and I talk more in depth about her business and goals, as well as her biggest challenges as a freelance mom – like teaching her kids to give her some space when she needs office time.

Right now her work is all over the board, doing one-off projects for a variety of clients. Heather wants to position herself as full-service Marketing Consultant, rather than taking these one-off projects.

We identified her biggest goals:

  • Goal 1: to land one steady client within three months who will provide her with regular work, and comes to her for all of their marketing needs.
  • Goal 2: to define her business and streamline her sales process so she can go after the kind of client she wants.

Jaime Tardy, owner of Eventual Millionaire, graciously agreed to mentor Heather with two phone calls. You’ll find a link to the videos below. I think you’ll find both calls packed with tons of valuable information and takeaways for your own business.

Watch the intro call, then make sure to follow along as Heather grows her business and you grow yours by following her story and taking action in real-time!

What’s included in Heather’s case study:

  • An introductory call with Heather (above), where we talk through the challenges she’s facing in trying to be a solopreneur while raising two young boys: attracting the right kind of client, identifying her unique value proposition, and balancing work with home life.
    What you’ll learn: Having a solid business plan in place is crucial as you start your freelance business.
  • Two expert calls
    • The first call with Jaime Tardy. Heather and Jaime talk about Heather’s ideal client, and identify long-term goals for her business.

      What you’ll learn:How to create a clear vision for your own business, then break it down into actionable steps to take you there.
    • The second call with Jaime Tardy. Heather and Jaime talk about prospecting for new clients.

      What you’ll learn: How to make sales less “icky” and build a sales funnel that really works.
  • Our final check-in with Heather, where we talk frankly about the challenges of building your business at the same time as you’re raising a family.
  • Insightful homework questions for each call to help you apply these lessons to your own business.