Sticky Client Situations: What Do You Do When a Client Wants a Refund?

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Fake Yourself Out: Marketing Techniques for People Who Hate Sales

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Are You Losing Thousands of Dollars a Year on Payment Processing Fees?

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How To Take Care Of Your Business (Administration) While Getting Your Work Done

Let’s make an important line in the sand here. On one side, there is your work: the things clients pay you to do. The “money-makers.” On the other side, you have your business: the administration, marketing, accounting, IT, management, public… [Read More]

Ideas on How to Raise Your Rates

When was the last time you gave yourself a raise? A friend of mine, who is a virtual assistant in Dallas, has told me that she would love to raise her rates from $30/an hour to $40 an hour and… [Read More]

What to Say When Someone Asks for a Discount

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10 Financial Success Steps You Need to Take Right Now to Ensure Your Future

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