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How To Take Care Of Your Business (Administration) While Getting Your Work Done

Let’s make an important line in the sand here. On one side, there is your work: the things clients pay you to do. The “money-makers.” On the other side, you have your business: the administration, marketing, accounting, IT, management, public… [Read More]

Sticky Client Situations Part IV – Your Client is Dissatisfied

sticky situations part iv

What do you do if you sense a client or customer is not happy with your product or service? It’s a situation that has a tendency to spiral out of control in any relationship. In a marriage, you see the… [Read More]

Sticky Client Situations Part III – Becoming Friends with Clients

sticky situations friends w clients

In Japan, it is unheard of to begin any sort of business discussion without some initial “chit chat.” Catching up, asking about your client’s family or recent vacation, and commenting on the weather is not nice, it’s just how things… [Read More]

Sticky Client Situations Part II- How to Prevent ‘Scope Creep’

sticky situations scope creep

Earlier this year, a freelance writer reached out to me for help with an unfortunate situation. She was working on an important article for a trade magazine, a magazine that isn’t available on the newsstands but is sent directly to… [Read More]

What Do You Do When Clients Don’t Pay? Guide to Sticky Client Situations Part 1

sticky situations part I

I recently received a very unhappy email from one of my readers. After contracting with a client on the job board ODesk and completing the job, she was now having a very difficult time receiving payment for her work. Now,… [Read More]

Posting Your Pricing on Your Website – A Smart Move, or TMI?

pic for shoudl you post pricing on website article

The debate over whether entrepreneurs should post pricing on their websites has been raging for years – and it can be hard for those just starting out to decide what to do. Obviously, if your business is selling hand-embroidered tea… [Read More]