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How to Write A “Sales” Pitch That Grabs Attention

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When I was looking for a writer to help me with my business, I was really surprised at the responses that came in. Often, there wasn’t necessarily anything blatantly wrong with them, but they just didn’t pop or sell or… [Read More]

Ways I Have Used Fiverr to Save Time and Money

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Over the course of running I have worked with many types of service businesses, from redesigning our website to hiring a business coach to getting help deploying some type of social media strategy.  These have usually been more long-term… [Read More]

Ideas on How to Raise Your Rates

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When was the last time you gave yourself a raise? A friend of mine, who is a virtual assistant in Dallas, has told me that she would love to raise her rates from $30/an hour to $40 an hour and… [Read More]

Worth Reading: Best Posts of the Year for Freelance and Self-Employed Women

Best posts of 2013 article

As we all close out 2013 in our own ways, whether preparing our taxes, running a full annual review, or simply putting away our holiday decorations, it pays—literally—to take some time to refresh yourself on the best blog posts for… [Read More]

Two Types of Potential Customers That Need to Be Handled Differently

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Lately here at, we’ve been talking a lot about ideal clients—how to determine who they are and how to find them. But now we’re going to talk about how to make sure they actually turn from complete strangers to… [Read More]

How to Create Annual Goals (That Will Kick Your Business Into High Gear)

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Talking about goals around the new year is always tricky business. Every publication from Cosmo to Forbes to Good Housekeeping is already happy to help you set up New Year’s “resolutions.” You know, those things you tell yourself you’re going… [Read More]