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What Professional Organizations Should You Join?


No matter what path your self-employed career takes you on, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of professional associations, membership organizations, online forums, and Facebook groups waiting to give you advice and support along the way. But not all of… [Read More]

Sticky Client Situations: How to Handle Clients Asking for Discounts


It seems like a perfectly normal thing to do. Everywhere you turn, you see ads on TV offering a one month free trial at the gym. Fifty percent off appetizers during happy hour. Buy one pair of shoes, get 20… [Read More]

Two Moms Achieve Their Dreams: The Evolution of Simple Green Smoothies


If you follow my blog and newsletter, you know that I’m a big fan of case studies. As a business professor, I can’t help it, but the format is much newer in the blogosphere. I’ve been toying with the idea… [Read More]

How to Make Outsourcing Worth It for You


None of us (though some try to make it look like we do) have enough time in the day to get everything that we want and need to get done. We need to add in some help somewhere, whether with… [Read More]

How to Make an Ask That Gets Results w/Example Emails

Picture for ask that gets results

Some women, especially traditionally employed ones, are able to go through their entire career without really asking for anything. They get jobs, application requests, or clients through referral. Their clients and bosses are so happy with their work that they… [Read More]

Overcoming Mental Blocks: How To Free Up 20 Hours a Week

mental blocks get 20 hours back

As moms, it’s easy to say that we have no time. We take care of the kids. We take care of the house. If we have time, we take care of our own basic needs. And, more often than they… [Read More]