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Busting the Myth: Who Are We Comparing Ourselves To?

Am I doing this right? Is this normal? It’s a very basic human tendency to ask these questions about one’s own life, but self-employed people do it more than most. How much should I be making?… How many clients should… [Read More]

Are You Losing Thousands of Dollars a Year on Payment Processing Fees?

paypal 1

Once upon a time, accepting payments as a self-employed professional was a process that required research, patience, and faith. You could make things easier for your clients or customers by accepting credit cards, but you had to deal directly with… [Read More]

Overcoming Mental Blocks: Jump Past the Safety Net and Don’t Look Back

There is one unmistakable difference between the self-employed women who work long hours, have work on their brain all the time, and are barely scraping by, and those who take evenings and weekends off, stay on top of their work,… [Read More]

How To Take Care Of Your Business (Administration) While Getting Your Work Done

Let’s make an important line in the sand here. On one side, there is your work: the things clients pay you to do. The “money-makers.” On the other side, you have your business: the administration, marketing, accounting, IT, management, public… [Read More]

Sticky Client Situations Part IV – Your Client is Dissatisfied

sticky situations part iv

What do you do if you sense a client or customer is not happy with your product or service? It’s a situation that has a tendency to spiral out of control in any relationship. In a marriage, you see the… [Read More]

Sticky Client Situations Part III – Becoming Friends with Clients

sticky situations friends w clients

In Japan, it is unheard of to begin any sort of business discussion without some initial “chit chat.” Catching up, asking about your client’s family or recent vacation, and commenting on the weather is not nice, it’s just how things… [Read More]