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Search Engine Optimization

7 Advanced SEO Tactics
If you're like most online webmasters, then you have probably
read one article after the other about search engine
optimization. Most of them rehash the same old information and
you end up wading through tons of fluff.

Buying Google PageRank - Too Good to be True?
There seems to be a lot of buzz about websites that are willing to shell out big bucks for links on sites with high Google PageRank (PR). And many webmasters and webmistresses are going crazy to cash in on the big windfall.

Getting One-way Inbound Links: the 5 Major Strategies

Do you know all the major strategies for getting valuable one-way inbound links?

Get Your Company Link Building With These 5 Simple Tips
As the online market place continues to warm up to the idea of SEO, link building has become center stage as it tends to be the most time consuming and crucial part of any internet marketing strategy. Link building services are the most commonly outsourced aspect of SEO. This process involves finding qualified and thematically relevant one-way linking partners who will link back to your website.

Get quality links through website directory submission
Search engine optimization is getting more and more difficult by the day. The search engines are evolving at an incredible speed, making it harder for us SEOs to rank our websites highly.

Hosted Content, The Quest for the Perfect Link
Ask Google, search engines love links. Of course, they love some links more than others. For example, a simple link exchange (reciprocal link) doesn't have as much value to search engines and so, it doesn't receive the same weight as a non-reciprocal (one-way) link – the theory being that a one-way, in-bound link is a recommendation from a site owner to visit this linked site. The link, itself, is testament to the quality of the site being referred.

Introducing PageRank - Shattering the Myth
One of the most fascinating aspects of the web is its dynamism. We all know that it develops at an astonishing speed - yesterday's craze is today's old news, and bigger and better things seem to be springing up every few days. Some of them crumble quickly into dust, while others seem destined to tower above the rest.

Link Building in Online Marketing: Tougher Than It Sounds
You probably don't need to read the latest advice from the marketing online consultants to figure out the basic idea behind link building. Without links, your site won't develop authority. Without authority, it won't move up on the search engines. But even the most savvy online consultant would have to admit that doing that is just not as easy as it sounds.

Link Popularity
For years, "link popularity" and "Google PageRank" have been the talk of the town in the search engine optimization community. However, the definition of link popularity and how it differs from PageRank (PR), as well as how much effect these actually have on search engine rankings, is often misunderstood.

Seven Often-Missed SEO Opportunities
If you have good content and present it in a reasonable way, then you have an excellent chance of achieving good positions in search engine queries for your main keywords and keyword phrases. You don't have to resort to any trickery to get your site noticed. However, many web designers and web masters fail to take advantage of opportunities to get high search engine rankings by mishandling a few crucial components of their web pages. Here is a list of the seven most frequently missed search engine optimization opportunities.

SEO 101 – Basic Optimization Techniques
It is hard to believe the all too short northern summer is almost over. In less than two weeks, kids will be going back to school and commercial webmasters will be gearing up for the autumn and winter sales seasons. This is as good a time as any, perhaps better than most, to cover SEO 101, the basic techniques that form the foundation to an advanced SEO or SEM campaign.

SEO Basics - Good Link, Bad Link
Your link profile is potentially the most powerful aspect of your SEO efforts, especially in the eyes of Google. Quality counts over quantity, but it is important to get a good list of well-balanced links pointing to your site.

SEO for Traffic with Content vs. Ranking with Links
How do you grow your search engine traffic without adding a single new link or making any changes to your existing webpages?

Simple Tips for Getting Search Engine Traffic to your Website
Many home business opportunity sites miss the search engine marketing boat completely. If you advertise, you know how valuable traffic is to your site. Imagine getting much more traffic then you've ever seen to your website... for free!

The Art of Business Blog Writing
We live in an age where people are more likely to ask "What do you do?" rather than the more proper "How do you do?". People are expected to specialize. Granted, I am speaking generally. I am a generalist.

The Tricky Issue Of Duplicate Content & What Google Says About It
Being a full-time online marketer means you have to keep a
close watch on how Google is ranking pages on the web...
one very serious concern is the whole issue of duplicate
content. More importantly, how does having duplicate
content on your own site and on other people's sites,
affect your keyword rankings in Google and the other search

There Are Over 3 Billion Web Pages...Where Is Yours?
Search engines remain the #1 way people use to locate you on the Internet. Over the past several years, search engines have under gone some major changes. Many of the free ones are gone and indexing has become more sophisticated.

What Are Meta Tags and Why Do I Need Them?
There is no other way to put it; the World Wide Web is big
business. As an example, you only have to look at the phenomenal
success of the online bookstore, Amazon. In 2008, Amazon brought in over nineteen billion dollars in income, yet only required an operating budget of approximately eight hundred and fifty million dollars. It really is no surprise to anyone then that more businesses are investing in expanded web presence and capability. Yet, not every organization has the same successes. Barnes and Noble was selling books online before Amazon was even an idea, and yet it isn't Barnes and Noble that people think of when considering online bookstores, it's Amazon. The key? Amazon took greater advantage of the opportunity to effectively market their product.


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