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Many people don't realize how many businesses are operated on the web these days. Even businesses that are not web based often times require an answering service.

Many businesses want an actual human to answer the phone and take a message. They don't want their clients and potential clients to get lost an a voicemail system.

Think about all the potential clients you can target from construction workers to internet entrepreneurs. They all can utilize a reasonably priced answering service to screen their calls.

So many small business are overwhelmed with the day to day business that the phone calls that come in can become overwhelming. They can't afford an office staff - but could potentially afford your services to field their phone calls.

Small business owners are beginning to recognize that fancy voicemail systems that leave people talking with machines are more than not a frustration to people trying to reach them. Potential clients are moving on to the next service when they can't reach a human voice.

As a result, small business owners want someone who can have their phone calls forwarded to them and will responsibly take a message on behalf of their business as if they were a part of their business.

As an answering service your duty is to take the message, clarifying what the callers intent and general message, and what their name and contact information.

A business needs for an answering service vary. Some need the service 24 hours a day, others part day, and still others only after hours. You should research the rates of competitors, decide what hours you can comfortably provide and seek out clients that could benefit from your availability and rates.


More information on Answering Services as a home business idea:

A free PDF on starting your own answering service.



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