10 Ways that Freelancers can Help the Earth

In honor of Earth Day — I offer this list of ways that freelancers can (and do) do to help the Earth. 1. No commute! In 2007 the Energy and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Impact of Telecommuting and e-Commerce (PDF), conducted… [Read More]

Moving video on Women, Friendship and Life…

It’s hard to catch my attention during a busy work day with this kind of thing. But seeing as how I missed my morning talk with my Mother today because I was so involved in a project – I felt… [Read More]

Virtual Assistant Training

I have always advocated becoming a Virtual Assistant as being an excellent option for women who want to work from home. If you have administrative skills and are web savvy virtual assistance is definitely a viable home business for you… [Read More]

Get Networked — Don’t go it alone!

Is fear of failure stopping you? Have you failed before you have even begun your home business – simply because you are afraid you won’t succeed? Relax, you’re no different than almost every other entrepreneur. We’ve all felt overwhelmed or… [Read More]

Kick your own butt!

If you’re one of those freelancers sitting comfy on the cushion of plenty of clients… you might be familiar with the reality of procrastination. The easy and sure route to LOSING those clients. It might be burn out for those… [Read More]

7 Tips on Balancing Work and Kids

The biggest challenge we face working from home is keeping our work and personal life in balance. Here are some tips that might help some work at home Moms get through the day!

Avoiding the pitfalls of blogging addiction

I’ve long been an avid reader of MarketingProfs. They are one of the great sites on the web that consistently provides relevant, useful and original content. This morning there was an article in their newsletter that caught my attention: The Dark Side of Blogging: Warnings from Leading Bloggers. Talk about a hook… how could I ignore a title like that?