How Shenee Howard Grew Her Business from $0 to Six Figures in Two Years

When we embark on a new business venture, as moms, potential downside of failure is clear: if our business doesn’t succeed, not only is it taking time from our families for no reason, but it directly affects our ability to… [Read More]

Fake Yourself Out: Marketing Techniques for People Who Hate Sales

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4 Tricks to Grow Your Business – Even When You’re Too Busy To Market

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Posting Your Pricing on Your Website – A Smart Move, or TMI?

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How to Write A “Sales” Pitch That Grabs Attention

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Your Complete Prospecting Guide (Part II) – How To Get ‘Warm’ Customers into Your Sales Process

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Your Complete Prospecting Guide (Part I) – Who is Your Ideal Client?

Originally, prospecting was a mining term: It was the process of searching for something valuable, the initial exploration of an area to see if it was worth actually mining. So it’s no surprise that in business, where the most valuable… [Read More]