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What is Coastal Vacations?

Coastal Vacations is an association that allows individuals to own and operate a business that markets wholesale travel packages. Coastal is governed by a Board of Directors.

What is the Business Opportunity?

This business opportunity is NOT MLM or NETWORK MARKETING. This is a good thing because you don’t have to share your hard earned money with an upline of people. Coastal Vacations is direct marketing and that means that the work you put into your business allows you the opportunity to make the full commissions and share them with no one except yourself once you are a qualified Director.

How do I become a qualified Director?

To become a qualified director you must have 2 training sales that will be passed up to your Trainer (the person who you are working with) and then you are a qualified Director of whatever level you started at.

How do I get Started?

To get started making commissions you simply purchase the vacation package of the commission level you want to make.

Level 1 = $1000 commission. To be able to make this commission you must purchase the Level 1 package for $1295 and then have two training sales.

Level 2 = $3200 commission. To be able to make this commission you must purchase the Premier package which consist of the Level 1 and 2 packages for $3,995. (save $800) and you must have two training sales to become a qualified Director.

Level 3 = $9705 commission. To be able to make this commission along with all three other commissions you purchase the Platinum package (level 1, 2, & 3) for $11,000 (free level 1 with this purchase) and obtain two training sales.

Once you have purchased your package and obtained your 2 training sales with the help of your director, you will be able to make that commission for a lifetime. You do not have to worry about sharing that with anyone above you ever.

*You need to understand that you cannot market a package of a level that you have not qualified to market. So that would then roll up to the next qualified Director above you.


Hour per week

L1 Income Potential

L2 Income Potential

L3 Income Potential

5hrs a week =         1 sale per month




10-15 hrs a week = 1 sale per week




Full Time               25+ hrs a week =   1 sale per day





Contact a Representative for more info:

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