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What is Ameriplan?

AmeriPlan® is a Discount Medical Plan Organization. They arrange for their members to have access to dental, vision, chiropractic pharmaceutical and medical providers who have agreed to offer their services at negotiated discounts off their usual and customary fees.

AmeriPlan® is the largest discounted fee-for-services program of its type in the country.

What is the Business Opportunity?

AmeriPlan's Independent Business Owners (IBOs) market their medical programs to the public and teach other people to do the same.

  • The company was established in 1992.
  • Reps earn 20-30% commissions on all plans.
  • Start up costs are $95
  • Commissions are residual.
  • Commissions are paid 6 months in advance.
  • Business is willable and sellable once vested.

AmeriPlan® compensation plan

Product Admin. Fee Monthly
6 month
Dental Plus™ $20.00 $19.95 $5.99 $35.94
Basic Health™ $30.00 $29.95 $8.99 $53.94
Total Health™ $30.00 $39.95 $11.99 $71.94
Total Health Plus™ $30.00 $59.95 $17.99 $107.94
IBO $45 broker kit $50.00 $15.00 $90.00

AmeriPlan *Definitions

Sales Director - A Sales Director is any IBO who has achieved the Pin Level of RSD or above.
RSD=Regional Sales Director Personally sign up 4 new active, first level IBOs and 6 new active, first level members to achieve Regional Sales Director. RSDs receive the RSD Pin along with a Sales Director contract that is 100% vested, willable and sellable.
SRSD=Senior Regional Sales Director An active RSD who develops 3 active, titled first level RSDs promotes to SRSD. SRSDs receive the SRSD Pin and are eligible for first level Builders Bonus overrides.
ESD=Executive Sales Director An active SRSD who develops 1 active, titled first level SRSD promotes to ESD. ESDs receive the ESD Pin and are eligible for first and second level Builders Bonus overrides.
SESD=Senior Executive Sales Director An active ESD who develops 2 active, titled first level SRSDs promotes to SESD. SESDs receive the SESD Pin and are eligible for first, second and third level Builders Bonus overrides.
NSD=National Sales Director An active SESD who develops 3 active, titled first level SRSDs promotes to NSD. NSDs receive the NSD Pin and are eligible for first, second, third and fourth level Builders Bonus overrides.
NVP=National Vice President An NSD who develops their downline organization to include:
  • 4 active, titled first level NSD's
  • 3 active, titled second level NSD's
  • 2 active, titled third level NSD's
  • 1 active, titled fourth level NSD's
  • $10,000 in Personal Sales Group Monthly Revenue*
NVPs are eligible for 4 levels of Builders Bonus overrides and a 1% Infinity bonus which applies from the 5th level down to the third NVP.

Builders Bonus override requirements** for SRSDs and above:
  • SRSD - $100 new PSGMR* for each month
  • ESD - $150 new PSGMR* for each month
  • SESD - $200 new PSGMR* for each month
  • NSD - $250 new PSGMR* for each month
* PSGMR includes the monthly revenue (fees) for members and IBOs when YOU are the first upline Sales Director.

**If an IBO does not qualify for overrides at his/her current pin level, the IBO will be paid at the next lower level for which he/she meets the PSGMR requirements.


Contact an Ameriplan Representative for more info:

Are you an Ameriplan Representative? See how to be listed here.

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