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10 Ways to Build Your Author Platform Online: Get Published, Sell More Books and Be an Online Superstar
When I ventured into the publishing world like an eager puppy in 2003, agents and editors asked me the same old tired question: “What’s your platform?” As one agent told me, “You need to have an audience of thousands that want to buy your book.”

15 Rules for Success In Your Home-Based Business
Someone sent me an email the other day. Supposedly General Colin Powell's Rules for Success. Now, I don't know whether they really are or not, but as I read them, I thought they really should be called "15 Rules For Success In Your Home Business". So, here they are:

Can you afford to stay home?
A few years ago, after the birth of our second child, my husband and I were trying to decide whether or not it would be possible for me to stay home.

Can you work for YOU?
So you want to start your own business? Well, why don't you? This is not a hard question. I'm certain you have barriers to following your dream or you would have done it already. We need to examine what is standing in your way and coax you into dipping your toe into your dream water. Most of the time, keeping you from doing your own thing is fear. Well, fear is good. It keeps you real, but don't let it plan your life or paralyze you.

Defining Your Niche As A Virtual Assistant
As a Virtual Assistant (VA), you know about filling a niche because you are already doing it simply by being a VA. You cater to the administrative, technical, creative, and financial needs of your clients by assisting them virtually. This itself is a niche.

Ethics, Ethics, Ethics
It's something that you might not talk about often, but your work ethic tells your clients all about you everyday. By observing your performance, your clients are sure to learn plenty about your character. Their decision as to whether to continue a work relationship with you will depend greatly on what signals they pick up and how they interpret them. Try to see yourself through the eyes of your clients, and put your best professional foot forward.

How To Become A Successful Home Business Owner
Today's article is not meant to discourage or put down the
potential internet business entrepreneur. Rather I would
like it to be an insight as to what to really expect with
an internet business. This article was inspired by a
recent forum post I read from a rather discouraged and new
internet marketer who was ready to throw in the towel after
only a month of work. Read on and maybe you will gain a new
perspective on what is required to be a home business owner.

Online Business: Work Smarter, not Harder
Online business is probably the fastest growing market on the
planet. With over 34 million web pages out there and more being
created every day it seems like an almost hopeless prospect for
the solo home business owner to achieve any sort of success.
Think of the competition.......right? Well, almost.

Reputation...What's Yours?
With all the news of unethical corporations and businesses in
today's troubled economy, is it any wonder the public is asking
who's trustworthy in these seemingly untrustworthy times and
skeptical about who to trust for doing any type of business?

Starting Your First Home Based Business
Over the last few years I have helped thousands of people start
their own home based businesses. Many of these folks have become
quite successful and others, for various reasons, have failed to
achieve success.

Starting Your Home Based Business On A Shoestring Budget
Whether seeking a supplemental income or a full-time income,
many folks have undertaken the task to discover a viable home
based business
solution to meet their personal needs.

Talk it up!
When a person considers joining the freelance work force, there usually is one primary motivation: freedom and flexibility of your schedule.

Ten Ideas To Have The Best Year In Your Business
As a consultant to small businesses, I have discovered that many of the complaints I hear over and over again have to do with organization.  The beginning of the year is an excellent time to get all aspects of your life organized, so why not start 2009 off on the right foot?  Setting up calendars, deciding on time off and setting up a financial system will reduce your stress throughout the year.

Why should I Freelance?
Good question. For those who are uninitiated, freelance is a term used for work that is done in one's free time. It offers a chance to earn a little extra money for those rainy days. However, for some people, 'freelance' can become a way of life. Try doing a quick internet search of the word 'freelance'. The number of sites devoted to this topic are amazing. It seems everybody either wants to provide freelance services or needs somebody to help them desperately.

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