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By, Debbi Cunnington

When a person considers joining the freelance work force, there usually is one primary motivation: freedom and flexibility of your schedule.

That has always been my driving force. I am not a 9-5 person. I don't like to take breaks, not even for lunch. I tend to work, work, work until the project is completed. Then I want to relax. If I am working a regular job, my work style goes against the normal rhythm. Typically, you are expected to be in the office for a full 8 hours per day. I cannot stand down time. I want to be working and if I am not working, I want to leave. Simple as that. I like to call this the completion obsession.

I believe that freelance work is perfect for people who have the 'completion obsession'. And explaining this to your prospective client is the hardest part. I know I am cut out for contract work because I love a challenge. I want to do the best possible job on a project and I have a terrible time stopping before it is completed to my satisfaction. Eating, sleeping, bathroom visits all take a back seat to the project. In other words, I can give you the best work for the best price. Instead of hiring an employee who will be paid regardless of the amount of work they produce, a contract worker will work quickly and efficiently to deliver the end product.

The hardest thing for me to understand is people's reluctance to outsource projects. With modern technology, what is really the difference between the person sitting in an office, processing invoices or entering data into the computer and a freelance professional doing the same work at home? I am usually wearing shorts and rarely wearing shoes but does clothing make an exceptional worker?

Actually, I have to be more dedicated and focused than the average office worker. Generally, I have several projects going at once. Some type of deadline drives most projects. I have to know when to work on what, make sure all details are covered and switch gears quickly. I have to keep track of all my own time and expenses so that I am properly reimbursed for my time. I may be working in my pajamas but I am hardly sleeping.

The reason for this article is to attempt to change a mindset. I know that when I began working as a freelance professional, I still felt like the office workers had something I couldn't provide. Then I began to realize that my skills were above average and it didn't matter where I was working. This shift helped me immensely. If you do not believe that working freelance is the best option, it will be difficult to sell outsourcing to a potential client. This is the next step to realizing your freelancing goals.

Debbi Cunnington is a freelance professional who has been working independently for the last 4 years. Highly skilled in many areas, including Accounting, Design & Virtual Assisting, she has been quite successful.

Her company, BearCreative, is dedicated to providing Web Design for small to medium businesses that are looking for unique, inexpensive, attractive websites.

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