Mother’s Day Special Offer



A Mother’s Day Special – A Mom Biz Retreat

As moms and entrepreneurs, we run across all types of products and services that may help us with our business and personal life.  We also run across many events and conferences that may be worth attending that could help us take our business to the next level or connect with just the right person to work with on a specific goal.  I ran across an event that I think all mom entrepreneurs should consider, plus wine, chocolate and pampering are all a part of it (and as moms we always need more of that).

It’s called the Mom Biz Retreat.  So you might ask, what is the Mother’s Day Special?  The facilitators of this event are offering $75 off for friends.


What is this Mom Biz Retreat all about?

The Mom Biz Retreat is one part business boot camp and one part weekend getaway for mom-entrepreneurs. With the skills, teaching and empowering tools of entrepreneurial experts Lara Galloway and Shelagh Cummins, you’ll roll up your sleeves and learn how to:

  • write/update a business plan
  • create an effective marketing strategy
  • develop a time map to put work in its place and enjoy your family more
  • craft the perfect elevator pitch
  • determine the best product funnel for your business
  • figure out how to make more money with what you’re already doing
  • build the foundations of your business in a group of supportive, amazing women
  • Join the MomBizRetreat family – and receive ongoing support from all alumni

If you are on the fence or need more information, Shelagh Cummins and Lara Galloway are always happy to answer any questions you have about the specifics of the retreat and how this retreat can help your specific business and life goals

How do I find out more and sign up?

Click here – To learn more about the Mom Biz Retreat

Use promo code Denver75 when you register to make sure you get the discount.


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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Lisa Stein owns, is a college business professor and a mom to Gabriela and Elle. Lisa is dedicated to playing a part in helping women and moms run a business they love, help support themselves and their family and create a flexible lifestyle. You can find her online on Facebook and Twitter or at home burning something in the kitchen.