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Running a business can sometimes feel isolating.

It is refreshing to find other professional women who are making the decision to pursue their own career interests without sacrificing their soul or being the primary caregiver for their children.

I’ll be honest with you though.  Since running my business, here is what I have learned and see a problem with.

Much of the “advice” and content out there on how to run and grow a successful freelance business has either been:

  • Too general
  • Not tested
  • Focused on what worked versus taking you through how someone got the results
  • Too hypothetical

So I’m doing something about it.

for case study post

Win Free Mentoring For Your Business – explains what this case-study is about and why this is different than anything else out there.

What I want to do is REALLY give you information that you can actually use and see the insides of a real business versus hypothetical scenarios.

We will do this through our mentoring case-studies, where we take one woman and mentor and coach her through a series of expert coach sessions and YOU can to be a part of the entire process!

Read on to get access to all the coaching sessions, worksheets and the outcome of this case-study.

Business Case Study One – Building Your Foundation

Heather Holtschlag – PR Consultant/Freelance Writer and Mom of Two Boys

Announcing the Winner of the First-Ever Mentoring Case Study – meet this mom business owner and watch as I interview her and find out her struggles with growing her business.

Heather Holtschlag business plan

Wish I Knew This Earlier Challenge 1 – Complete your mini- business plan.  This is the only plan you need starting out. PLUS, you can see a real mini-business plan completed by our mentee and mom business owner.

Business Case Study for MailChimp Post (Knowing your ideal client and USP)

Let Me Give You $400 Worth of Coaching -FREE – Challenge 2 w/Business Coach Jaime Tardy: Create your ideal client(s) like Heather did and write out three USP’s (even if you have one already).  Watch this Coaching Session with Jaime Tardy and our mentee.  Packed full of insight!

Heather Holtschlag Part IV Prospecting Call

Is it Bad to Spend All Your Time on Client Work? – Another FREE Coaching SessionChallenge 3: Identify Your Sales Process/Funnel and How You Will Meet Your Sales Goals.

When Throwing in The Towel is The Best Business Decision(This is REAL LIFE) – Learn Why Heather decided to not move forward with her business right now.

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