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What's Missing From Your Virtual Assistant Business Website That's Costing You Clients
If you're a virtual assistant with a business website promoting your VA business and your website is not contributing to increasing your client list, take action. There are a lot of reasons your website might not be delivering prospective clients to your virtual assistant business. One reason could be your web page headline (and I don't mean your tagline, logo or company name). For instance, your website home page may not have a headline. Or it may not be a good one.

How to get a Virtual Assistant business off the ground
The revolution of how businesses operate is an enormous boon to Virtual Assistants. With more businesses moving into an internet based atmosphere, the opportunity for growth as a Virtual Assistant (VA) is exceptional.

Virtual Assistance Price List: A Basic Guideline To Setting Rates For Your Virtual Assistant Business
I've seen Virtual Assistants' rates range from $15 to $70/hr., depending on the VA's experience, specialty, location, and the project. One of the most common concerns a new Virtual Assistant faces is what to charge for his/her services. A common mistake made by new Virtual Assistants is underestimating the value of their services. The more specialized your service is, the more you may be able to charge for those services.

Virtual Assistant Jobs: 7 Ways To Locate Clients And Jobs
Virtual Assistant jobs are out there, you just have to know how and where to find them. Here are some ideas to get you started:

What Is A Virtual Assistant?
What is a Virtual Assistant? This is a question you've probably asked yourself if you have heard of the title "Virtual Assistant." A Virtual Assistant (VA) is an independent contractor and a home-based entrepreneur who uses the Internet, phone, fax, email, and other technology to communicate with his/her clients.

Tips on Winning a Virtual Assistant Position AND Keeping It
Although still considered an uncommon profession, the Virtual Assistant role is fast becoming the best recognized choice for companies, particularly web-based companies, to pursue nowadays.

So you want to be a Virtual Assistant?
More and more women today are opting to stay at home to nurture their children. But this is nearly always a financially stressful decision for a family to make. Our economic situation often times demands two incomes - and even so, many couples continue to find themselves sinking further and further into financial debt.

The Virtual Assistant
As a small business owner, outsourcing work to Virtual Assistants is fast becoming a popular and intelligent decision. The business owner saves enormous amounts of money by cutting the costs of offices and equipment overhead as well as expensive benefits packages.

Defining Your Niche As A Virtual Assistant
As a Virtual Assistant (VA), you know about filling a niche because you are already doing it simply by being a VA. You cater to the administrative, technical, creative, and financial needs of your clients by assisting them virtually. This itself is a niche.

Assisting You Virtually- How Virtual Assistants are changing the face of the workplace
Virtual Assistants, or VA's are changing the way we do business. Not only is this field growing tremendously, but it's offering employers and business owners alike an attractive new alternative to hiring employees.

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