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If you are trying to make your internet based business work and are new to the world of social networking, read Pasi's article below for a basic overview of why a social media presence will benefit your business.

Internet Based Business - Social Marketing
Pasi Kaarakainen

You can find a plethora of different marketing techniques onthe internet. While many of them are great ways to promote internet based businesses, social sites are definitely one of the best ones. Even though these sites are rather new innovation, they have truly taken the internet by storm. You cannot go anywhere on the internet today without hearing something about Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Here are some reasons why social sites are also a great way to promote internet businesses.

The most obvious reason to take advantage of social sites is
the simple fact that it allows you to meet new people. It is
not that long ago when it was quite hard to meet new people
on the internet. Social sites have changed this totally.
You can jump into different forums or follow people on
Twitter and really build up a list of prospects.

The difference between social sites and other alternative
marketing techniques is that you have the ability to stay
connected to those you meet. With Facebook you can friend
request prospects. On Twitter, you can follow them and they
can follow you thus allowing the two of you to see what each
other has to say on a daily basis.

Something entrepreneurs learn rather quickly is the
incredible amount of competition there is with having an
internet based business. That is why you have to be
connected with your potential customers and let them know
you personally.

Social sites give you the opportunity to do just this by
keeping things casual in a forum or chat type basis. You
can open up, listen to what others have to say, and share
what thoughts and ideas you have. In this way you can
create relationships, or even make friends, who eventually
may turn into paying customers.

On great advantage of social sites is that you can start
promoting your business almost instantly. With some forms
of advertising you have to wait for the ad to be put up,
wait for people to come to the spot and see the ad, or even
wait for the income to purchase an ad. Social sites skip
all of this as you can interact for free, meet new people
instantly, and get your message across within seconds.

The final reason why you need to be utilizing social sites
with your internet based business is because of the ability
to talk to your target market. There is no sense in sending
out an advertisement to anyone and everyone hoping a few are

Forums are a perfect example of contacting your target
market as each forum is separated into categories or
sub-categories. This allows you to interact with people who
are interested in the same things you have to offer, which
makes it far easier to convert a prospect into a customer.

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