Lessons in etiquette from a Twitter Newbie

How many tweeps should I follow? It took me some time before I delved into Twitter.  So — although I’m fairly active in the Twitter community, I still consider myself a newbie. One of the first and ongoing quandaries we’re… [Read More]

Follow Friday – Three Fabulous Women!

I’ve recommended @LollyDaskal in the past for inspiring tweets that always come across as heart-felt which in my experience usually means that was the intention.  I mention her again today because I just happened upon this recent tweet that I… [Read More]

A New Approach to #followfriday

In the world of Twitter it is customary to send out a tweet (or 2 or 3) to your followers with #followfriday recommendations.  It’s meant to be a way to endorse people you respect and encourage your followers to follow… [Read More]

Indispensible tips for corporate online reputation management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) – Why you need it Inevitably in the lifespan of a business there is bound to be an unhappy customer or two.  In the current age of social media, an angry customer has a more powerful… [Read More]

Social Networking for Mompreneurs – Moms to Follow

Social networking is fulfilling in so many ways. It’s wonderful to have the company of other women who also work from home to share life and business insights with.  Interacting on Twitter and commenting on blogs is also in turn… [Read More]

How NOT to promote your website on forums

Internet entrepreneurs, work at home moms, network marketers… you’re all fed the same hype about how to promote your website, get leads, recruit members or what have you.One of the first things you will be told is to post your ads on forums. Lots.
This article is a guide to proper forum etiquette so that you don’t waste your own and many other peoples time.

Watch The Secret Online

What’s all this hoopla about The Secret? To truly be successful in business – our entire mindset – the way we interact and react with the world needs to change. Dramatically. The Secret is all about the Law of Attraction.… [Read More]