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How can you tell the difference between a legitimate home based business opportunity and a work at home scam?

99.6% of 'GET RICH' Programs are SCAMS. Do you know the Signs?
By Eddie Pennington

If you're looking to make a legitimate income online, then you have to read this because there really are ways to make money on the world wide web. The problem is sorting out the scams from the genuine money-making opportunities. We've spent 18 months picking apart a hundred work at home programs and recording data and numbers. What we discovered was appalling!

There are many 'writers' online that simply aim to capitalize off the dreams of people like you. Many times we could not reach these 'writers' via email,fax, or phone to obtain the refund they had promised on their sales page. That is why this site was conceived. We are here to help as many people as we can find the TRUEST, and most successful Online money-making businesses.

There are obvious signs that will immediately tell you if you are being scammed.

1. Have you been on a site, and noticed the sales pitch you were reading failed to mention JUST WHAT PRODUCT OR SERVICE was being sold? Chances are you probably have. They paint this beautiful picture about fancy cars and mansions; trips to exotic paradise resorts, and all that can be YOURS?! Umm, not quite. These people are selling you the "Dream" of having a wealthy lifestyle. The name of these programs are 'Multi-level Marketing schemes'(MLM), or they're also called 'Pyramid schemes'. The point is to get YOU to recruit other people by feeding them the same dream that you were fed. The only ones making real money are the creators of the program.


2. Stuffing envelopes from the comfort of your own home? This is supposed to be an employment offer. Yet you are asked to send money to a company that claims they need it to add you to their database. It does NOT take money to input a couple lines of data into a server! This is another scam. Common sense will tell you that NO ONE in their right mind will pay up to $3 dollars to have ONE envelope stuffed.

3. Chain Letters

Chain Letters, Electronic or Otherwise, are not legal. First of all, we want to point out that no matter what the scam artist tells you in the letter, these little schemes ARE NOT LEGAL, and people HAVE done jail time over them. For example, Dave Rhodes spent a number of years in a Federal Prison (and may still be there for all I know) for his starting of this whole scheme electronically back in the days of the Bulletin Board Services instead of the internet. Whether disguised as a "mailing list," selling recipes," a "free loan," "selling reports," a "gifting club," "lottery ticket club," or any of a hundred other thin veils, they are still chain letters, and still illegal.

4. Mass Emailing

For example, many companies that promote bulk email will tell you that sending out bulk email is the road to riches. It isn't. And, if that stock really was such a good deal, why is this person sending you - and millions of other people - this "secret" tip?

5. "I Can show you how to make $36,000 in only 5 days!"

This is quite possibly the most popular scam floating around the internet. How does this person know for a fact that YOU, a person he's never met, can make all that money in just 5 days?! For all he knows, the person on the other end is slightly brain damaged..or lazy even. The point is- never believe anyone who puts a set dollar amount without knowing anything about the person buying his 'program.' Individual results will always vary from person to person. The sad truth is that online businesses CAN NOT be operated by just anyone with a PC and internet connection.

It takes alot of work to earn a living off the internet, but that's why it feels so amazing when the money starts to roll in.

Eddie Pennington is an internet marketer and consultant that has several ventures online. You can learn more about Eddie's latest project by visiting

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