Hello Moms!

It's been months since I've sent out a newsletter. But month's well spent being pregnant! Our daughter Jasmine was born July 8th, healthy and precious.

Isn't she wonderful?! Thank you all for your patience.

Along with the business goals that I know we all share, I'm sure that we also all have some common personal goals - like keeping our homes clean and spending time with our loved ones.

For anyone struggling to balance family, keeping their home in order and running a business, I wanted to share a resource that has been amazing for me. Check out FlyLady.net, I really hope it helps some of you as much as it has me.

Another neat site I've come across belongs to one of our FreelanceMom community members, Ellen C. Braun. She has put together a truly inspirational parenting site. You won't want to miss the 'Animal School' video she has put together at Raising Small Souls. Just click the purple button...

Be sure to come on by the forum and let me know how you liked these resources. Now, let's get on to business!



Freelance PR Help Needed for Lifestyle Media Outreach (menlo park)
I am an established PR consultant with clients in the lifestyle category (food/home/décor), in need of media outreach assistance. This gig is approximately 25 hours over the next two to three months, pitching and following up on a media list I will provide. Media include print, radio and online. Hours are flexible and at your convenience…if you currently have a full-time job, I’m happy to provide an “east coast” list if you’d like to work early morning hours. You must have your own computer and phone set-up. There is no requirement for on-site work or writing. This is simply pitch & place. Great gig for newly stay-at-home parent or someone between jobs. There is the possibility for more work and more hours in Fall, based on the success of this initial project. If you have a fearless passion for pitching and an interest in consumer lifestyle media, please respond with the following in the body of your email:

- outline of your PR experience. At least 4 years experience in media outreach required. Please do not respond if your experience is in technology, as this is an old-school consumer lifestyle product/account.
- List of your last 10 media placements. Links appreciated.
- References here in the Bay Area
- Hourly rate (I will pay commensurate with experience)
- Contact info

Experienced Bookkeeper Needed!
Our small business is expanding!

Need help setting up QuickBooks Retail Version 2006. Candidate must be highly knowledgeable. Possible long term.

Serious inquires only!!


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Be willing to spend some money and take a chance.
Now this isn't advice that you will often hear from me. In fact, the general rule is NEVER pay to work. Naturally.

However, there are times when fees are legitimate and worth it!

I know so many women with viable administrative skills who are hoping to start their own home business. I always suggest to them that they consider a Virtual Assistant business.

I always then recommend that they begin their search for clients on elance. There is a fee to join, but there are so many excellent jobs that come through there, it's worth the money.

Don't be afraid to invest in your business! It astonishes me how often I give this advice and yet so few people end up joining because of the fee. At least take a look at the jobs coming in there. There will be some competition for them, but a skillful bid could win you a long-term client before you know it!

Saving on Utility Bills
By Amy Allen Clark

Some of our bills can be eliminated as being “extras”, but utilities is just not one of these. If you are noticing an increase in your utility bills it is time to review what you may/may not be doing to cause this increase. Here are some helpful tips for ways to decrease your utility bills.


  • Check to make sure none of the faucets in your household are leaking/dripping. A slow dripping faucet can accumulate over two gallons per hour.
  • When watering the garden, set a schedule and try to water in the early morning hours to help minimize evaporation (between 6am-8am)
  • Take shorter showers. Did you know that a shower uses approximately 6-10 gallons of water per minute? Think of how much money you could save if you shaved a few minutes off of your shower.
  • Use your dishwasher and washer only when you have full loads.
  • Contact your utility company to see if they offer reduced rates at certain times of the day and either timer-delay your washer/dishwasher or wait until that time to do your loads.
  • Recycle your water from fish tanks and use it to water your plants. Fish emulsion is a good and inexpensive fertilizer. It is high in nitrogen and phosphorous- just think that you will save on fertilizer AND water.

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The Key to Internet Success – Getting to Know You
By Alice Seba

I can't seem to get the song from the "King & I" out of my head as I prepare to write this article

"Getting to Know You
Getting to Know All About You
Getting to like you
Getting to hope you like me"

I can't get it out of my mind because that's what online business is ALL about.

Some say it's search engines.

Some say it's a great pay-per-click campaign.

Yeah, yeah...those things are great, but it's important to get to know people and I'm talking about the people that reach your target market. You know, the people you might
think as your competitors.

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Anatomy Of An Article Submission

By Bonnie Jo Davis

Writing and submitting articles to publishers in order to promote your business, services and products is a wise choice for any entrepreneur. The only cost for this kind of marketing project is your time and, if you want the maximum benefits, the amount you pay your proofreader/editor.

Many people are overwhelmed by the submission process and don't know where to begin. I have outlined below the ten steps I take with each article submission project. Having a process in place makes organizing submissions so much easier and removes the confusion of where of what to do first.

1. Start by having your article proofread and then add it to
your website. Make sure you have a catchy title and a by-line that compels readers to take action.

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