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I am absolutely thrilled with the interest and positive feedback I have received during the first month of our launching. It seems that women really do yearn for an online community to share with - and FreelanceMom can comfortably fulfill that desire.

One of the first obstacles women face when determining if working from home is a feasible option is - Can I afford it? Here is a terrific resource I found recently, a calculator that allows you to truthfully consider all of the job related expenses you may have - and discover what you actually are earning. I am willing to bet most women who work outside of the home will be astounded to see what their true net earning is. Naturally we have to wonder after seeing this if it is worth leaving our children five days a week.

We are offering an excellent article by Sharon Davis on our site exploring this concept. Check it out!

Another fresh article this month, is by one of our Forum Moderators, Debbi Cunnington called Promote Yourself. I think you will find it inspiring.

We're thrilled to have our first submission to the 'Your Success' page by Database Guru, Phyllis Emigh. Hers is an excellent example of how recognizing what you LOVE to do can open up the necessary doorways into a successful career.

Some of our Moms have been enjoying some lively conversation over at the forums. I know people can feel shy, please don't! We are a friendly group, I promise. It doesn't matter if you have a successful established home-based career or are just pondering the possibility. We are all there to support and share with one another... and to pass some time over a cup of virtual tea!

Some of the hot topics being discussed are:

Where to start looking for work as a Virtual Assistant, How to avoid falling for the multitude of work-at-home scams. And we're hoping for some terrific insight into Time Management! I personally could use your advice on better organizing my work time and balancing it with home life... I'm sure I'm not alone :-)

There are a lot of development plans for FreelanceMom in the making including a job board and online auction where Moms can support Moms in financially tangible ways. Please always feel welcome to send your ideas and comments. Our community will be shaped by the aspirations and requests of its members. Thanks for joining us!



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