Happy New Year!

Tell me Moms -- what are your New Year's Resolutions? Remember to make your goals obtainable and to journal them so that you can go back and congratulate yourself later.

I'm personally working hard on simplifying goals. If you're like me, you will always have many areas in your life that you want to improve on. Don't promise yourself you will attain every goal you have this year! That just gets overwhelming. Choose what truly is most important to your heart now.

When you set your goals, reach a little deeper than you might be inclined to. Really get to the 'why' of your goal. What parts of your life will really benefit from your achievement? Visualize yourself at that next level, having reached your goal. When you visualize it, really feel it.

Then ask yourself how your life will suffer if you don't obtain it. Get as much leverage as you can. Give yourself incentive... what will you be missing out on if you fail? Most of us fail to achieve our goals because our goal setting sessions are just wistful. If we're really going to reach the goal, we've got to be able to taste it first.

Then comes the game plan. What steps do you need to take to achieve the goal? What can you do right NOW to support your plan? Don't leave a goal planning session without making a step. That's some of the best advice I've ever received.

If you're truly serious about following through with your resolutions this year -- get support! Join us over at the Goal Buddy Network on the forum. It seems so much easier to stick to a game plan when we have people to bounce ideas off of and to get a pat on the back from.

Work From Home Job Leads

Freelance Web Design Jobs
Realtor Website

Needed: Website Design, Website Tonight GoDaddy
CSS & Web Layout Specialist

Freelance Translation Jobs
Looking for Korean to English translators to help with video game
Portuguese/English Editor
Translation of Adoption Decree Needed ASAP! (Spanish to English)

Freelance Writing Jobs
Ad Writer Wanted
Fashion bloggers needed
Weekly assignment ~ Entertainment writing.

Freelance Administrative and Customer Support Jobs
Prompt Customer Service Rep
Remote Help Desk Technician - Home Based - All Hours / Days
online clerical work
16 hours of data entry work: $18/hour = $288

Freelance Virtual Assistant Jobs
Seeking Virtual Office Assistant

Freelance Bookkeeping and Accounting Jobs
Billing assistant
Book keeping and Quickbooks person wanted

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Home Business Tip

Virtual Assistants - Do you need clients?

If you are a virtual assistant and are short on clients, here are a few ideas to get some!

1. Contact old clients. Maybe you just did a quick gig for a client way back when. Or you had too much on your plate and dropped a couple. Don't be shy to pick up the phone, or drop them an email. One of my most lucrative and long standing clients came from such an email. The timing happened to be just right, he needed management help and I needed work - viola!

2. Join elance. Yes, it's true you have to pay a fee. But tons of work comes through elance in the administrative section. Just splurge on a few months subscription fees. Craft compelling bids and don't give up! I have always had terrific luck finding excellent clients there - and many of them have been ongoing.

3. Network on Forums. Do a search on Virtual Assistant Forums and join them. Talk with other VA's. Offer to help (with flexible rates) with any overflow work they might have. Getting to know other VA's often times can get you some good leads or at least a bit of work during dry spells!

4. Check out the Help Wanted Ads. Is there a realtor or construction company looking for help? Those are two industries that really can benefit from a VA. They just might not know it yet! Get in touch with them... send a letter outlining what your company does and highlight how it can save them money. Don't forget to send a bid proposal!

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