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The newsletter is a little late this month! But don't worry - I'll make it up to you with some really great freelance job leads and tips!

I hope you're all enjoying winter and staying warm. We're in the middle of February vacation here. We have a gorgeous fresh blanket of snow and the kids have been spending lots of time ice skating in the back yard. Getting work done is a challenge though - hence my writing the FreelanceMom News at midnight ;-)

A women signed up for the newsletter today and emailed me personally. She's a Mom of two little ones and with a career as a lawyer. She wrote to me about an issue many of us share - talking about how it's difficult to work and yet impossible not to. Like many of us, it isn't solely for money that she wants to work, but also because she feels 'alive' when she's working.

So many intelligent, creative women do decide that they would rather sacrifice their career to stay home and care for their children. This is not an easy decision to make, it really isn't. Especially when we add economics into the mix.

This Mom wrote to me asking for some suggestions on what type of business she could do from home. She stated that in her country there was economical problems and she would like to find a way to work from home and to help other Moms to do so also.

My first instinct for a question like this is to suggest becoming a Virtual Assistant (VA). Virtual Assistant's do all their work from their home office as independent contractors. VA's are much like secretaries or administrative assistants - but the field is actually quite vast.

Responsibilities of a Virtual Assistant can range from simple data entry, website maintenance, or customer support to graphic design, internet marketing or staff management.

So many businesses are based online these days, and even those that aren't are beginning to recognize the benefits of outsourcing certain areas of their work to virtual workers.

This is a job that is possible to do from pretty much any country and the opportunities are only growing. We have several areas on FreelanceMom where you can learn more about becoming a VA if you are interested in pursuing that option. You can read more about becoming a VA here. This page will also list different articles for you to read and other resources that will be helpful to you.

Work From Home Job Leads

Freelance Virtual Assistant Jobs
Virtual Assistant Subcontractor
Virtual Assistant/Personal Assistant
Virtual Assistant
Virtual Executive Assistant
Virtual Assistant
Virtual secretary/assistant
Hvac Virtual Assistant
Multi-Tasking Online Virtual Assistants
Real Estate Virtual Administrative Assistant - EXPERIENCED ONLY
Virtual Assistant
Work from home Assistant Needed -- Work with Partner (Work from home)

Freelance Web Design and Programming Jobs
Remote Website Designer
Home Based Web Site Developer
Work from Home Web Developers
Freelance Web HTML, ASP Work
Freelance Web
Professional Freelance Web Designer
Web Sites To Be Developed (Anywhere)
Flash Designer
Web Designer/Coder Needed. Freelance to Permanent

Freelance Writing Jobs
Freelance Newsperson
Freelance Writers - Metromix
Freelance Writers
Freelance Staff Writer
Freelance Website Content Writers Needed (Waltham, MA)
Freelance Technology News Reporter

Freelance Administrative and Customer Support Jobs
Work from Home Customer Care Representative
Data Entry - Virtual Assistants (online)
Website Moderator

Freelance Bookkeeping and Accounting Jobs
Bookkeeper (West LA)
Bookkeeper Needed, Part-Time (Torrance)

Be sure to visit our Gigs Page for more Work From Home Jobs and the Freelance Job Leads Forum

Please remember that the job leads here are not jobs from FreelanceMom. They are unresearched, so be sure to investigate them on your own just to be sure they are legitimate!

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Home Business Tip

Get Networked -- Don't go it alone!

Is fear of failure stopping you?

Have you failed before you have even begun your home business - simply because you are afraid you won't succeed? Relax, you're no different than almost every other entrepreneur. We've all felt overwhelmed or afraid at one point or another.

Fear is probably the main thing that actually holds people back from starting their home business or pursuing any number of dreams that they have for their life. Starting a home business takes guts. You may have to try several different ventures before you find one that you succeed at and that is a good fit for you.

Moms face some unique circumstances that most probably contribute quite a bit to our trepidation. We fear the impact a failure might have on our families and finances. If you don't have the support of your spouse and family behind you, fear can be an even larger obstacle.

Listen, you aren't alone. There is a large network of women who have inspiring stories of overcoming obstacles and succeeding. Seek out companions and colleagues that you can gain encouragement from, bounce ideas off of, and celebrate large and small victories with.

Join us in the FreelanceMom forum to talk about your business ideas and whatever obstacles you are facing. Chances are, one of us has been there before and will have some great advice for you.

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